Welcome to the World of Resonance

The Resonance stories are from an alternate Earth where science has rapidly reached past what was expected for the year 2012, and magic brings out nature's hidden potential for humanity. The climate crisis may finally be resolved, but more dangers threaten the existence of all sentient life on Earth.

The world was ravaged by war and conquered by the Grandmaster yielding the all-powerful Trident of Fate. With a wave of a hand or a snap of a finger, the weapon can bend reality to the wielder's will. And almost everything the Grandmaster desires has come to fruition. Command of a massive military across the globe. An Empire to bring humanity together. And a new world order to carry the envisioned prosperous future.

The Grandmaster's rule is denied by many, but they cower in fear of meeting their own end by the Trident. If that is not enough to bring a nation to compliance, a rogue military faction, called the War Lords, assert their dominance over the land. Only the daring few can step forward to challenge the world sovereign's authority.

Resisting them throughout the ages, the Guardians rise against the Grandmaster and the Grigori Empire. They gather powerful and influential members, some granted with Eternal life, that would eventually rebel and counterstrike the War Lords who threaten any nation's peace and stability. Bound by their vow to serve and protect, they travel the globe in search of any in dire need of help.

The Triangle Saloon

At the turn of the century, Serena Paz de la Marina, the Guardian Siren, is sentenced to exile in isolation from the once-free nations she served. After a year of roaming a post-post-apocalyptic Earth finally conquered by the Grigori Empire, she decides to return home.

In the story of The Triangle Saloon, Serena Paz arrives in Seattle, Pacifica. She discovers her old home ruined. It was once a brilliant hotel that served as a landmark that rivaled the height of the Space Needle. Now it is a crumbling, abandoned hospital.

A migrant named Arman explains he had purchased it and reveals his plans of turning the hotel-turned-hospital into a bar. However, he is unsure of what else to do with the remaining space. When she tells him about the flatiron building's former glory, he is captivated by the allure of its mystery and has an idea for that space. Hoping he can see the same bar and hotel for himself, they soon partner up to bring her vision of the past to the present.

Over the years, they slowly bring back what made the flatiron building so special. The bar, known for its ever-changing identity, is revitalized to look like a Western saloon. The hotel becomes an esteemed destination for citizens and tourists. And the restaurant offers enticing food reminiscent of Serena Paz's childhood. Eventually, the Triangle Saloon becomes a home for the Forbidden Arts.

Forbidden Arts is a name for merely anything with cultural significance such as paintings, dances, and music. Laws may have eased in what Forbidden Arts can be performed in public, but the new Commander of Seattle has his eye on the establishment. At first, the Triangle Saloon introduced a band of musicians. As the years passed, Serena Paz and Arman would later present a publicly defiant show called The Culture Shock Cabaret. Following his predecessor's path and the Grandmaster's vision, the Commander attempts to set things right in Seattle before the people become out of control.

At the Triangle Saloon, many cultures can come together in harmony. People can find peace without the fear of a Grigori Empire. One day, she hopes anyone in need of a Guardian will not run away in fear of her.

Follow Serena Paz and her new friends in this tale of the Siren's adventurous life as she defies her tragedy-drawn fate. From creating her own world to settling down and appreciating what a slow-paced life has to offer. As she will soon come to understand, there is still much for an Eternal like her to learn.

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